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Ohio's Behavioral Health Redesign: Join Magnolia Clubhouse at the City Club of Cleveland

Posted on 03/23/18

From Executive Director Lori D’Angelo, Ph.D. The City Club of Cleveland is one of the nation's great free speech forums—it has hosted many important conversations about mental healthcare—and Magnolia Clubhouse is privileged to be one its... read more

An Open Letter to Kevin Love from Magnolia Clubhouse

Posted on 03/20/18

Thank you, Kevin, for starting a conversation that has already made a difference in addressing the stigma that surrounds mental illness. First, we acknowledge your courage. To step up and share personal mental health struggles... read more

Imposing Work Requirements on Medicaid Recipients: Clubhouses Have a Better Solution

Posted on 02/26/18

From Executive Director, Lori D'Angelo, Ph.D. There is currently a movement afoot for states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients (although Ohio is not yet among the 10 states that have applied for a waiver... read more

“Infinity Mirrors” at the Cleveland Museum of Art: The Connection to Mental Illness

Posted on 02/22/18

From the Executive Director, Lori D’Angelo, Ph.D. The Cleveland Museum of Art (our University Circle neighbor) is set to host an exhibition that will surely be a blockbuster—it has sold out quickly in other major cities.... read more

Young Adults Living Life (YALL)

Posted on 01/30/18

In its efforts to reach younger adults living with mental illness, Magnolia Clubhouse created the Young Adults Living Life group—affectionately known as YALL. Acknowledging that transitioning into adulthood means aging out of social services provided... read more

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