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Changing the Image of Mental Health

Posted on 03/27/19

Changing the Image of Mental Health

From Executive Director Lori D’Angelo, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Kevin Love for being honored with the "Change Maker Award" for mental health advocacy. His courage bringing awareness of his own struggles with mental health issues to benefit the situation of others makes him a hero to our Cleveland community and our Magnolia Clubhouse community.

Our partnership with the Cleveland International Film Festival's showing of "Quiet Storm", a film depicting the struggles of Indiana Pacers', Ron Artest is also to commend and share the message that mental illness effects many people, in many difficult ways, and can be overcome. We also appreciate Cleveland Browns' Chris Hubbard who has been public about his struggles with mental health difficulties.

Public figures, who are not immune to stigma, can reach a broad audience, and their testimony powerfully assists in the improving the lives of those who live with mental illness. Sharing their own very personal and difficult experiences, puts people in a very vulnerable position, and yet this courage moves others to better understand, and also to share the very pervasive difficulties of living with mental illness. Over time, this is the power that can improve the experience of living with mental illness.

One if four people experience mental illness every year, but because of shame, fear, misperceptions, stigma, and a lack of services, less than half get treatment. These personal testimonies, from people in the public eye, as well as people next door, reduce the power of shame and guilt, and become a foundation of hope to move forward.

We invite you to see the power of hope, and the very crucial addition of opportunities provided by the Clubhouse community that results in growth and better lives. Our members at Magnolia Clubhouse are sharing their experiences for the benefit of others, and working on overcoming their difficulties and maximizing their strengths every day. It is truly inspirational to work in this community of growth, hope and opportunity. We invite everyone to be a part of changing lives and bringing acceptance and pride to people who live with mental illness.

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