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On PBS TV-25 WVIZ Ideastream: Magnolia Clubhouse Gets People With Mental Illness Out Of Isolation

Posted on 07/31/18

Hearty thanks to Northeast Ohio's public television station, TV-25 WVIZ Ideastream for the outstanding segment about the Clubhouse that aired today. A special nod to reporter Mary Fecteau who spent many hours at Magnolia filming and interviewing members and staff--and to the managing producer of community affairs, Joe Frolik, who recognized the importance of our mission and gave the project a green light. Well done!

As always, we thank our members who stepped up to share their stories so that others might be encourgaged to come to the Clubhouse. Helping to reduce the stigma around mental illness is an important part of our work and we can only reduce stigma by talking about it.

If you (or someone you know) live with mental illness and this video sparks your interest in the Clubhouse, come and take a tour. We are first and foremost a community of support--we would love to introduce you to Magnolia.

Check out the post on Ideastream's website:

Living with mental illness?

Don't go it alone. Come to the Clubhouse.

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